Whitney + Thomas Sex-in-the-City Engagements

Whitney and Thomas had a Sex in the City themed Engagement Session in Downtown Orlando. This was my first time meeting the couple, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but they seriously blew me away! Whitney pulled off their look so well and they are both so adorable and fun! Their personality really did shine through throughout the entire session! I just loved it!


How the couple met: “Thomas and I actually met our freshmen year of high school. We had 5th period Drama class together so we saw each other everyday. I had my group of girls I hung out with in that class and he had his group of guys, we had complete opposite personalities and hung around way different people. I was having problems with a guy I had liked and been talking to for a while and Thomas saw that I was upset one day. He came over and sat down and started asking if I was okay and trying to make me laugh, mind you we had only talked a few times because we had to do scenes together so I didn’t know him too well. We eventually started to talk more and after a few months he asked me out but I didn’t like him or see him in the boyfriend kind of way. I said yes and we have been together for going on six years! I never thought I would be able to say I get to marry my high school sweetheart!”


Their Proposal Story: “About a year before the actual proposal we had been talking about plans for our future and what we wanted in life when marriage came up. We had been in our first year of college and figured we were way to young, but we had been together for 5 years and we knew that we wanted to experience everything in life with each other. So one day he took me to the mall and he brought me into Kay Jewelers and told me he wanted me to pick out whatever ring I wanted and to get my size. It was crazy thinking that we were actually doing this! So on November 1st, which is my birthday, he took me to Disney for the day (I LOVE Disney). I had not checked the weather and we normally stay until the park is closed but it was so cold we had to leave at about seven. Come to find out, he was planning on proposing during the fireworks show and I completely screwed it up! Me still having NO idea he was going to propose, I didn’t see it as a big deal that we left early to go home. The next day we had a family dinner for my birthday and after dinner he had told me that a couple we normally hang out with wanted to see me for my birthday. He blind folds me and after 15 minutes of driving I get out and he leads me down near the lake. When I take the blind fold off there was a candle pathway that had a picnic blanket set up at the end. There were candles in the trees and champagne with my favorite strawberries and a present waiting on the blanket. When we got to the end we enjoyed the moment and he said I could open the gift. When I opened it, it was a box in another box that was in a smaller box, which was how my grandpa (who was sick and had been in the hospital for months) always wrapped my grandmas gifts, so of course I started crying. When he pulled out the ring box he gave me the cutest speech that I honestly can’t completely remember because of how in shock I was. When I said “yes”, our family and friends came out from hiding to surprise me.”


“The whole time all of this was going on, my grandfather had been in the hospital. He was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer all of a sudden and Thomas knew how important it was for me that my grandfather be involved in this. A few days before the proposal, he took the ring and went to the hospital and asked my grandfather for his permission to marry me. After it happened I went to the hospital and was telling my grandfather what happened and he sat there holding my hand smiling at the ring. I am his only granddaughter so this meant so much to him and me. Unfortunately, he passed away in early January of 2015. So even though he is not going to be part of the wedding, I now will have a guardian angel watching over me on my special day.”


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