Tori + Alex Wedding

Tori and Alex were married at the Estate on the Halifax in Port Orange this past Sunday. They had a beautiful church wedding filled with candles and other gorgeous details and a reception filled with sparkling lights. The day was filled with first looks! Tori’s dad, bridesmaids, and soon-to-be husband all got to have their own special moment seeing Tori in her dress as a bride for the first time.

2016-01-21_00602016-01-21_00612016-01-21_00622016-01-21_00632016-01-21_00642016-01-21_0065Tori and Alex grew up together in their hometown of Ormond Beach, FL. They attended the same middle school, church and high school. They both knew of each other growing up but did not really start to be come friends until high school. By the end of their sophomore year, Tori and Alex became good friends and started dating in their junior year.


For Thanksgiving weekend and Alex’s Birthday last year, they both traveled with family to Charleston, South Carolina to spend the holiday. Little did Tori know, Alex had an ulterior motive for the trip. He planned what was described as a “graduation present” to Tori on his 26th birthday to visit The Middleton Place Plantation, in the outskirts of Charleston. When they arrived, they went trail riding on horseback and Tori was so excited for this thoughtful and original gift. After the ride, they walked the plantation gardens, meanwhile Tori was completely oblivious walking and enjoying the scenery. After covering most of the plantation grounds, Alex stopped by a tree in front of the water, where he proposed. He then explained how he had dinner reservations and a room at the plantation’s inn. After dinner, they celebrated in downtown Charleston with Tori’s sisters. It was a perfect proposal.


After high school Tori studied Health Education at the University of Florida, while Alex pursued a Civil Engineering degree at the University of Central Florida. The long-distance relationship would not keep them apart. In fact, they extended the physical distance between them when Tori moved to St. Croix, U.S.Virgin Islands for graduate school. Alex did a victory lap and finally graduated college to move on into the adult world. He would visit Tori in the islands as he couldn’t stand to be separated from her for too long. In December of 2014, Tori and Alex were finally reunited in the same state and eventually the same town after almost 7 years of long distance relationship.



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