The Green Swamp Marathon

Many of you saw on Facebook that my cute husband, Ben, ran his first Half Marathon, and got 1st place in his age group! Although I’m confident that he could have ran the full marathon or even the 50k. His hints that he wanted me to photograph him participating in the marathon weren’t so subtle. Lot’s of “So are you going to bring your camera?”


This truly was an extreme trail course and the title “Green Swamp” fit this course well. There were swamps so big that the runners had to wade or swim to get through, as well as fallen trees and logs that they had to climb over.

I found this photo on ganecemace’s Tumbler account of a swamp area in the course from last year’s marathon, but I heard that this year’s course was the wettest with swamps going above the waist line.


You can see the photo here: httpss://


I stayed near the start/finish line, but many runners came by with some crazy cuts and bruises, and everyone was filthy dirty by the end and had at least a handful of sand spurs on them, anywhere from their socks to their hair.


As I scoped out each spot on the course to capture as many moments as possible, without having to actually do any running myself, I was approached by the Marathon coordinators and asked to cover the event. Here are some of my favorite moments.


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