TBT – Europe Part I: Oberammergau

A little over a year ago, my dad invited me to come visit him while he was on an Army assignment in Oberammergau Germany, and I took him up on it! It’s been over a year, but I never posted any pictures. I’m making up for that now over the course of 3 blog posts: Oberammergau, Austria: The Sound of Music Tour, and Venice.

First, Oberammergau! This is where my Dad’s assignment was. He was here for about a month, but I fly into a Germany about a week before his assignment was up. When I arrived to my hotel, there my Dad was still working, so I went out and explored on my own. I found useful information like where I can rent a bike and how to get to the Bobsled coaster.


Oberammergau is famous for their production of the Nativity every 10 years. During the plague, they were told that if they hold a production of the Nativity every 10 years, the plague wouldn’t reach them. That has held to be true, and every 10 years they hold a huge production!

This small charming city is also known as a ski town! We were there in the fall before there was snow (although it did snow while we were there), so instead of skiing. they had their summer Bobsled coaster open! I took full advantage! It was a lot of fun! I went 3 separate times on 3 different days.


The whole town is within walking distance and full of shops and restaurants. Even though it was a small town, there was lots for me to do! Oh, and I had Gelato every day.


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