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I love working with new photographers! Whether their new to the industry, or just new to me and it’s our first time working together, I learn something new each time!



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Hiring Second Shooters

Every wedding I shoot is SUPER important to me and I am pretty stingy with who I hire as a second shooter. I want a second shooter who is essentially another me; someone with similar style and experience as me who can take on their own responsibilities through the day without me being there and someone who could take over on the wedding day if something were to happen to me. This is one of the reasons I avoid hiring anyone as a second shooter without having worked with them previously when I can. So don’t be offended if I offer you a third shooter position, that just means I want to get to know you more and hope to work together more in the future.

But even if you don’t feel like you’re at that experience level, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to work with you! If you’re willing to assist or 3rd shoot weddings, I’m excited to work with you! Your experience and equipment doesn’t matter as much as your professionalism and willingness.

If you’re looking to gain experience, build your portfolio, or learn by watching us work, let us know! We would love to bring you along! Just keep in mind the I can’t take time away from my client’s wedding to teach. If you want one-on-one attention, we’ll have to schedule that on a day other than a wedding day.





What Attire should I wear?  I ask that anyone working with me dress like a wedding guest. Contact me to get the attire for the wedding, but here is a general guide line.

Men, you can’t go wrong with a suit. But if it’s hot (or you don’t own a full suit), I don’t expect you to wear the suit jacket. Try to stay stylish though. Ties are encouraged, but not required. Button up shirts are required.

Women, while I do love dresses, they’re not required. I try to avoid floor length dresses just because of the old tradition of not wearing a dress longer than the bride’s (thats long dead now though, right?) and I do avoid wearing too much white (Wearing white on the wedding day is most definitely not dead). I don’t want you to wear anything super short though either. Think knee length! Thats perfect! If you wear pants + top, make sure its classy, professional, and something you would wear to a wedding. Avoid too much red (red can reflect onto the white dress or even skin in bright sun) and super bright and flashy stuff, but don’t be afraid of color. I don’t mind sticking with neutral or even wearing all black, as long as you don’t wear something where you could be mistaken as a waiter (this usually happened with black collar shirts, especially polo shirts). Feel free to message me your outfit choice for approval.


I am hired as an assistant, but can I take photos on the day for my own portfolio? This does require approval from me (or the lead photographer). We just want to make sure you are not sacrificing your job in assisting us by getting photos for yourself. There are some parts of the day where we may need you to be assisting only and cannot have you taking pictures. This typically requires approval before the wedding, as well as during specific parts of the day when you might get permission.

Any photos you take, even if they were just for your portfolio, do need to be collected by the lead photographer before you leave. If you hope to take pictures as an assistant, please work out how we’ll get the pictures before the wedding day if possible.


May I keep and use the photos for my portfolio? Currently, I do allow anyone who takes pictures on the wedding day to keep the photos they take, as long as we also get any photo you take. You may use the photos on your website and blog and post them to social media. There are rules for posting the photos anywhere online. Reach out to us to get those rules as they may change, but here are some general rules to follow:

  • Never imply that this was a wedding you booked and/or shot as the lead. It’s not required that you specify that you were the second shooter or worked directly for McKenzie Stewart Weddings, it is appreciated and helps keep things less complicated.
  • Never use names of clients/wedding guests. I do ask that you don’t tag the clients, guests, or vendors in your online posts, and avoid using names of clients or guests.
  • Never reach out or contact clients or guests. If you feel the need to contact a client, don’t, and come to us. We’re happy to work it out with you. Rarely, a client, guest, or vendor will reach out to you or share your post. We get that. But let us know if that does happen to avoid miscomunication.


How do you collect the photos I took? Our favorite way is for you to shoot on your cards and our cards at the same time so we both have copies. This only works with cameras that have dual memory card slots. If thats not an option, then you can either shoot on your own cards and let us collect them at the end of the night and set a time to pick them up the next day (or within the next week). Or shoot on our cards and set up a time/way to collect the raw images for yourself. We do always dump cards onto our hard drives within 12 hours of the wedding ending, so your cards/photos will be available to collect the next day.

We do occasionally bring a laptop with a memory card reader, but this isn’t reliable and shouldn’t be relied on.


How am I paid? We prefer to pay via paypal. If you need to be paid a different way, be sure to let us know before the wedding. You should be paid by the next day after the wedding, if not on the wedding day. If you haven’t been paid after that, let us know. It means we just forgot.

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