Rachel + Chris Utah Mountains Destination Wedding

Rachel and Chris’ wedding was like a dream come true, starting with their GORGEOUS Utah Mountains venue!

I am SO happy that Jaime was able to come with me on the trip for Rachel and Chris’ destination wedding. I couldn’t have imagined it without her! We had a blast being roommates for a week. We had some late nights being both serious and completely silly!

But we also had a great time shooting another wedding together! Jaime and I do really make a complete team! We compliment each other talents, I am great at taking charge and making people comfortable in front of my camera and posing them in a natural “real moment” kind of way. Jaime is so awesome at capturing the details! All the details, from the rings and decorations, to your hands while you cuddle. She ‘s also a totally ninja on the wedding day as she captures moments you don’t even realize happened. We really work so well as a team!

Rachel and Chris’ wedding was no exception. We fell into sync and captured some awesome moments all weekend long, and especially on their important wedding day!

We were there from the moment Rachel and Chris started getting ready. From the time Rachel steeped out of the shower and Chris went to the gym with his buddies. Both sides of the bridal party had and infectious fun time while preparing for the big events!
Rachel and Chris opted for a First Look before their wedding day (You should definitely check out that blog post!) to get even more photos and to be even more stress free on their wedding day! They opted for bridal party and family photos prior to the wedding, creating a more cushioned timeline ad relaxed environment throughout the entire day.

2014-09-03_00432014-09-03_0044The Wedding was perfect! We were joined by the talented Utah Photographer, Angela Stewart (to our knowledge, we are not related) and between the three of us, we were able to get several unique angles of every precious moment!

2014-09-03_00452014-09-03_00462014-09-03_00472014-09-03_00482014-09-03_0049After the ceremony was awesome! There was a full hour length cocktail hour with no real responsibilities! We already had all the important shots done, the family portraits, the bridal party shots, and even the bride and groom, so at this point, everything else was just a bonus! The bridal party and family got to enjoy cocktail hour (almost unheard of!) and I got even more sweet photos of Rachel and Chris with Jaime, while Angela covered cocktail hour.2014-09-03_0050

2014-09-03_00512014-09-03_00522014-09-03_00532014-09-03_00542014-09-03_00552014-09-03_0056The reception was just as perfect as the rest of the day! Complete with an absolutely adorable love story video made by the crazy talented Bethan Peterson of BP Films, entertaining and touching toasts, and a great party!


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