Olivia the Cat

I was able to go home to Las Vegas to visit family for Thanksgiving! It’s felt long overdue. My little brother had a stroke this past summer and has been in and out of the hospital with a brain hemorrhage and multiple seizures. The anti-siezure medication has depression side affects, plus he lost a lot of his vocabulary so he’s unable to go back to school or his job (Did I mention that he’s 19! 18 when he had the stroke) and he isn’t allowed to drive. After Tanner helped rescue a neighborhood cat, my mom and him decided it would be a good idea for Tanner to get a cat. So on black friday (Free adoption day, sponsored by Zappos who paid all adoption costs!) Tanner adopted Miss Olivia. Meet Olivia!


Olivia is spunky and super playful! But when she gets tired, all she wants to do is cuddle. She loves being around people, and will leave the room with you if nobody is left in the room. She especially loves Tanner and will even meow when he enters the room or passes by, and she prefers him over anyone else.


The admiration is mutual. Tanner loves Olivia and cares for her well! He loves spending time with her and thinks about her when he’s out of the house, concerned when she has to be home alone, even if just for an hour.


Olivia loves their 14 year old cat, Keighlee, but the love there isn’t exactly mutual. Keighlee does not like Olivia and will pick a fight whenever Olivia is around. Olivia stands her ground though and will just play with Keighlee, even through the hissing and swatting.



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