Olivia + Matt Engagement Session

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect going into Olivia + Matt’s engagement session. I already knew that the couple would be fun to shoot, but they suggested a location that I knew nothing about. The location was very close to me at a barn owned by Olivia’s friend, Becca. That’s how it was explained to me at least. It wasn’t until I showed up to the property that this was a full on farm complete with horses, donkeys, pigs, a goat, multiple pastures, orange groves, and piles of hay, and of course, one, gorgeous, very large, barn.

Suddenly I wished we had planned a 5 hour session.

We stuck to the barn and a nearby pasture and came out with some beautiful images!


This was my first time using my 35mm lens, and I’m SO glad I was able to bring it! I couldn’t wait to get home and start working on some of their images.


But then, while culling, I noticed on one of my favorite images, an effect I had never seen before. Up around their faces, it looked like I added pixie dust or something? How did this happen? Was there something wrong with my new lens?


I took my question to some active photography forums where I quickly realized right along with them, that this was dust with the sun flair coming through. I guess I’m not used to dust all around the air here in Florida. Suddenly the photo went from something wrong to a natural and magical moment.

I learned so many new things this session! I also got a new assistant! Her name is Fiona:


She enjoyed making appearances and always wanted our attention!


Well I can’t wait any longer, here are some of the beautiful moments I captured during Olivia + Matt’s engagement session:2014-09-24_00012014-09-24_00022014-09-24_00032014-09-24_00042014-09-24_00052014-09-24_00062014-09-24_00082014-09-24_00092014-09-24_00102014-09-24_00112014-09-24_00122014-09-24_0013

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