Nani + Pop-pop

Recently, I was able to go back home to Las Vegas to visit family for a couple weeks. It was so great to spend time around family! And while I was there, I had the opportunity to take photos of my grandparents.


When we were setting up the shoot, they gave me some location suggestions, including parks and locations with pretty scenery, but I threw out the suggestion that we do the photos at home and right in their own neighborhood. I explained to them that I can get beautiful photos anywhere, and add in some gorgeous low-sun light, and we have ourselves a shoot! And what we really want to look back on is Nani and Pop-pop how we remember them; in their own neighborhood and home. Those would be photos we would cherish.


I didn’t know what to expect at first. I anticipated them know what shots they want and setting themselves up in prom poses in harsh lighting. But when I got there, they were ready to do anything I asked. So I treated them the way I would treat any other couple (Minus a few dip-kisses).They followed direction very well and quickly became comfortable in front of my camera.


I did end up getting a couple requests, and they were great! Photos of the two of them in their natural environment; Pop-pop at the grille and Nani in her kitchen. That made me so happy because this entire shoot was all about lifestyle and showing their every day relationship, life and happiness. That’s why we chose to do the shoot in their neighborhood.


They had one more request. They asked to recreate one of their favorite photos back from right after they got married.


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