Megan + Stephen Wedding

Megan and Stephen wedding was so charming and perfect! Filled with incredible details, a gorgeous venue, great timing and a ridiculously good looking couple! And they gave me hours for photos of the two of them! I was in heaven just a little bit.


“There were a few special items/details I had with me the day of the wedding. The first being the floral handkerchief, this was my great grandmothers on my mother’s side. My mother had it with her the day she married my father. The next items were my engagement ring and wedding band. The rings originally belonged to my great grandmother on my father’s side and now I wear them proudly as my own. Finally, the cake knife and server set we used are my parents. They are even engraved with my parent’s wedding date and names.”


“We met in high school, I was a sophomore and he was a senior. Upon meeting I found Stephen to be charismatic and the life of the room. I immediately knew I wanted to know him, it was just a feeling, no thoughts but a knowing that he was meant to be in my life. Being shy it took time to work up the courage to even talk to him. My best friend (who is the maid of honor) and I used to follow him around school but never say anything to him. It was getting to the end of the year, I knew if I didn’t speak up soon it would be too late since he was graduating. Luckily my sister invited Stephen over to help with a project. This proved to be the perfect opportunity to finally start a conversation with him. I feel that we hit it off pretty well. But where we really started to have a connection was at prom. After prom we ended up spending the whole summer together. Every Friday we would go to the movies. I collected all of the movie stubs and still do. We did officially start dating until August 27, 2006.” – Megan



“We were vacationing at the Disney resort in Hilton Head Island, SC. It was December 16, 2013 (so we got married on our engagement date). I had been wanting to see one of the movies the resort plays outside. On that night, Gnomeo and Juliet, was playing. We gathered our hot chocolate and blankets because it was pretty cold outside. We spent the whole time cuddling on the bench watching the movie. At the end when the credits were rolling, I turned to gather our items and when I turned back around Stephen was down on one knee asking me to marry him. It was perfect because he first asked me to date him after a movie and our first kiss was shared during the credits of a movie. So getting engaged during a movie was so romantic.” – Megan


“The style of the wedding was vintage. Along with going with a vintage theme, I envisioned the reception to have this home/family style dinner gathering look. Which is why I went with mismatched chairs and china. The mismatching of items show growth of a family over the years. Colors consisted of blush, gold and ivory. I never thought I would use blush or any shade of pink at my wedding. I always thought purple or blue, but blush went so well with the vintage theme that I could not pass up this shade of pink.” – Megan




Check out their video for even more:


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