Magical Moment

See what happens when this little girl spots a bride at DisneyWorld, recognizing her as the Princess she is. What this Bride does is absolutly charming, and the girl’s reaction is PRICELESS!


Valerie and Rick were married yesterday surrounded by family and friends who traveled to Walt Disney World to celebrate and support this happy couple! They were married at Disney’s Wedding pavilion and celebrated with a reception at Disney’s Boardwalk.

Disney's Wedding Pavilion

After celebrating the day away with many of their loved ones, Jaime and I got some time alone with the Bride and Groom and we took photos out on the boardwalk. We went straight for SeaBreeze Point, where Valerie and Rick had their very first kiss back when they were both working at Disney as Cast Members.

Sea Breeze Point

This is the exact spot where Valerie and Rick had their very first kiss!

On our way to SeaBreeze Point, we heard a little girl tell her Dad “Look Dad! A Princess!” then proceeded to ask her dad what this princesses name was. It was no surprise that Valerie was mistaken as a princess, especially with that gorgeous fairytale dress and with Rick by her side and the way he looks at her the way Prince Charming looks at Cinderella.

Sea Breeze Point at Disney's Wedding Pavilion

After spending some time taking photos at Sea Breeze Point at Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk, I turned around to notice that same little girl and her dad watching us with pure awe. With the bride’s permission, I asked the girl if she would like a photo with Princess Valerie, but the girl was shy and stayed close to her Dad.

Bride and Groom at SeaBreeze Point

I then had Valerie and Rick sit for a few last photos at Sea Breeze Point, and that was enough for this shy, adorable girl to have the confidence to run up to Valerie and give her a hug!

Princess at Sea Breeze PointSea Breeze Pont at Disney's Boardwalk

As if that wasn’t Magical enough, Valerie then told this glowing little girl that she had something for her. Valerie then went to her bouquet and took out a beautiful white rose and handed it to the girl. That little princess lit up!

Sea Breeze Point at Walt Disney WorldDisney's Sea Breeze PointPrincess at SeaBreeze PointSeaBreeze PointSea Breeze Point at Disney WorldSeaBreeze Point at DisneyWorldSea Breeze Point at Disney's Boardwalk at Disney WorldHappy little princess at Sea Breeze Point

Her happiness was contagoues and I think we will all have permanent smiles for the next few days. I was able to talk to the little girl’s Dad and get him these precious photos of his daughter.

Happy Couple at SeaBreeze Point at Disney's Boardwalk

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