Jessica + Greg Engagements

Jessica casually mentioned to me at one point in our meeting that they had an “in” and could get private ice time at the Golden Knight’s practice facility. I guess it helps that they are both avid hockey fans and that, oh by the way, Greg is a hockey player. If you don’t know much about the Golden Knights, then you probably aren’t from Vegas, but go look up their story! They recently finished their very FIRST SEASON and they made it to the STANLY CUP! Thats as far as you can get in Hockey. They didn’t win the Stanley cup, but dude, their first season and they came in second out of EVERYBODY.

Anyways, all of Vegas has become hockey fans so this was a big deal. We still planned an entire session in Mount Charleston, and got amazing pictures, but these hockey pictures are whats going to keep me talking about this engagement session for years to come.


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