Jess + Nate

While yesterday was Jess and Nate’s wedding day, I’m not here to blog their wedding story yet. I just wanted to take a moment and talk about how incredible of people Jess and Nate are! When I think back on both their engagement session and wedding, I realize all that went wrong and against them, at no fault of their own, and I am so impressed with how they handle every situation and never ever complain!


Here in Florida, we’re lucky that when it rains, it only lasts for a little bit. Even still, we do sometime reschedule shoots if there is a chance of rain, based on the clients preference. There was a small chance of scattered showers on Jess and Nate’s engagement session day, but we moved forward with it. Within 10 minutes of the session, it was POURING rain with intense thunder and lightning! And it lasted the ENTIRE session!


I had all the protection needed for my equipment, so it was totally their call on if we kept going or rescheduled. We rocked that engagement session! All 2 hours of pouring rain and thunderstorms! We took advantage of the unique weather and the empty EPCOT park.


We were all soaking wet and freezing by the end, but that didn’t seem to phase or slow down this dynamite couple! And get this, there was NO bickering! No impatience or snappy remarks ever between this couple, even under somewhat miserable circumstances. Only smiles and love.


Then their wedding was Yesterday. While I might get some eye rolls from those who just got hit with the blizzard on the east coast, it was freaking cold yesterday! With the high winds, it felt like it was in the low 30’s (unless you asked me, then it felt below 0). Again, this may not seem that bad, but just the couple days before, the weather was in the mid 70’s. This was cold! The Men in their suits seemed to do okay, but the bridesmaids had lace short sleeve dresses and it was tough.


But even after several minutes of bridal party shots, the bride and groom were ready to continue on and walk a few blocks to take more pictures, opting to stay in the super cold conditions.



We were all numb by the end, but it was still only smiles and love going on! Even through all of this, Jess and Nate couldn’t get enough kisses and smiles! The day was perfect!


Seriously. I want to be Jess and Nate when I grow up!

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