Amanda + Thomas Engagement Session at Magic Kingdom

The day before her birthday, Amanda and friends (including co-workers, her boss, and her boyfriend, Thomas) spent an evening at Universal, where she works. On their way to “The Forbidden Journey,” The group made a pit stop at the nearby stage. To Amanda’s surprise and embarrassment, Thomas got up on stage, even with Amanda’s boss present. Thats when Thomas got down on one knee and proposed. She said Yes!

Thomas’s previous proposal plans, like skydiving with a banner asking for Amanda’s hand, had fallen through and Thomas was not willing to wait! He made his move, with the blessing of her cow-workers and boss, and most importantly, her parents.

Even though they may work for Universal and are getting married at Universal, this couple is a Disney loving couple at heart. We stuck with a princess theme to accompany Amanda’s elegance and grace, and also Thomas’s charm.



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