Amanda + Jared Wedding

Amanda and Jared’s Wedding was filled with rustic chic, and very personal details! Not only did they do such a great time decorating and bringing all their incredible details together, but they sure now how to throw a great Party!

2016-01-14_0001 Amanda is a registered nurse has an obvious love for football, playing tackle football with the guys, soccer, and hanging out with friends.


Jared is an electrical and computer engineer and enjoys bike rides, paint ball, ultimate frisbee, and basketball.


The first time Jared remembers meeting Amanda was the summer of 2008. Amanda had come up to Gainesville to visit her brothers. Jared had started his freshman year at UF that summer. Amanda’s brother brought her to one of his friends house. Jared was there hammering something and Amanda complimented his technique. He was smitten. Amanda had no recollection of this encounter until Jared brought it up years later. Amanda remembers meeting Jared when she moved up to Gainesville in August of 2008 to attend school. Jared and her attended the same bible study and became friends through that.


Amanda was in Colorado for Ladies Weekend with a couple of her friends. Ladies weekend ended on our anniversary. Amanda had tried to convince Jared to fly out to Colorado once ladies weekend was over and even extended her trip to accommodate that. A few days before Amanda left for Colorado Jared let Amanda know that he wasn’t coming to Colorado after all. Amanda was sad, but he gave her a seemingly good reason about not being able to take that much time off of work. Amanda had a great time during ladies weekend and when she returned to her friend’s house in Colorado there were roses and a card waiting for her. Amanda eventually opened up the letter and it was a note from Jared saying that he came to his senses and he could not spend our anniversary apart. He had picked out a dress, shoes, and jewelry (with a little help from one of her friends) and brought that with him to Colorado. The dress and shoes were waiting for Amanda in the downstairs bedroom. His note told her to get dressed and meet at her favorite restaurant. She got ready with assistance of her girlfriends and they took her where Jared had specified. When they arrived, Jared was there waiting. Amanda started to cry and gave him a hug. Then asked her if they could go on a drive. Amanda of course said yes. He took her to a beautiful field in Colorado that her and her friends had joked would be the perfect venue for a wedding (Jared didn’t actually know this was the field that Amanda had her heart set on, but he did so good!) He pulled the car off the road and helped Amanda get out. He took Amanda to the trunk of the car and said I have a couple things back here that you cannot see yet. Right about that time a park ranger came up to Jared and Amanda and asked if the easel and flowers down the path were theirs. Amanda had no clue what was going on and Jared nervously said yes. The park ranger said that we needed to move the stuff now or we would get fined. Jared asked the ranger for 5 mins and the ranger would not budge. So Jared and Amanda went down to the easel. The easel was encompassed by rose petals and Jared placed a cork board on the easel. The cork board had pictures of all the adventures they had gone in various states and each picture had a sticky note with a memory made. Jared said today we are going to make a memory. He wrote out “Will you marry me?” Amanda was delighted and said YES! Little did Amanda know, but a friend was hiding in the bushes taking pictures of them. After a short photo session, they loaded up with easel and went back to Amanda’s favorite restaurant ate lunch and called their family to share the great news.



See their video here:


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