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It’s time to talk albums! Yay! The biggest choice you need to make is what album cover you want! Then you can decide if you want any upgrades (like thicker pages or a different paper type) or add-ons (like gliding, Cameo Window, or text/engraving)

Linen Cover

Linen is a great route to go since there is typically no added cost to this option and it comes in 16 color choices! I personally think linen has a great look to it as well.



Leatherette Cover

This is a great option if you want that leather look, but can’t swing the full genuine leather upgrade. Or if you want a color that doesn’t come in the genuine leather options. With 16 to choose from, it can definitely be a great option for you!



Genuine Leather Cover

If you’re going to upgrade the cover, this is what I recommend going to! The real stuff! And it comes in 12 different color options, making it even easier to find one you love!



Bling covers

I typically do not recommend the bling covers for wedding albums, unless you just love the style of them. It’s fun for a less formal album though. It could definitely be a good option for a boudoir album!




Crystal or Metal Cover Add-On

One more cover option is the crystal or Metal cover add-on. This option is only available for Leatherette or Genuine Leather album covers.




Page upgrades

The standard 0.8mm pages are definitely the most popular. There is no price upgrade and it’s already a great thick option and lays flat. With the standard option, you can fit up to 70 pages in an album


The Thick option is just a little bit thicker (1.3mm) than the standard page option and can fit up to 50 pages. It does give the album a thicker look, which is very attractive!

The Rigid option is if you want to go really big! These are very thick pages at 1.5mm thick! You can fit up to 30 pages in a Thick page album.



Other Options

In addition to the cover and page  upgrades, you can also add a Cameo Window, Engraving/Lettering, or gliding to your album!



Your cover option will decide if it’s engraved or printed on. Leather books are typically engraved while Linen albums are printed.




Gliding comes in Black, Silver, or Gold


Cameo Windows




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